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Working with Micah and Tatum Hill of Compendium Group has been such an enjoyable experience—in fact, they are one of my longest standing clients and continue to be the litmus test against which I base a lot of new client decisions around, but that’s for another blog.

When we first connected, the Compendium Group team was eager to explore brand awareness in an effort to continue attracting their ideal client to intentionally grow their business. Together, we tackled everything from website design and development and commercial photography to improved client communication systems (hello, newsletter automation) and social media management for a complete brand expansion.

As a leading home builder in the Indianapolis area, Compendium Group understands that buying a house is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. From clean and modern to traditional design, whole home renovations to completely new, their team has completed every project type. With an expert degree of finesse, they will take your ideas and integrate them in the most beautiful way.

They truly value transparency, communication, and reliability, which translates into every client relationship. From concept to creation, they are upfront about what it takes to make your home dreams come true and will never withhold important details or changes.

As a team, they have built deep community connections and resources, which allows them to keep any outsourcing or material acquisitions as local as possible. When you build with Compendium Group, they guarantee exceptional quality ​​and craftsmanship throughout your entire project.

Telling the Compendium Group Story

To begin, the team at Compendium Group was looking for a complete overhaul of their online presence, starting with an entirely new website. In keeping with their company culture, the website design and development needed to be sleek, clean, and most importantly, functional. It needed to showcase everything they offer to potential clients; how they operate; how they do business; and how they can serve their clients better than any other home builder in Indianapolis. To make sure new clients could find them with ease, we also amped up their SEO strategy and set them up with Google Analytics.

To further elevate their online presence, we established an effective social media strategy including content pillars, a curated calendar, branded templates, and proper messaging. I continue to work with them to put out weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to maintain a consistent presence, drive a little engagement and reach and represent their current scope of work.

Commercial Photography That Elevated Their Visual Presence

Any professional brand needs professional photo assets. Clients are smart and can tell when your website and marketing assets are filled with DIY iPhone photos. To elevate their visual presence, I worked with Compendium Group to capture some stunning interiors of their work to showcase on their new website.

One of the most important things that I wanted to do was ensure that the photos portrayed Compendium Group’s style and expertise as a firm that is able to construct stunning homes of varying styles and tastes—from clean and modern to traditional design. From the initial planning to final edits, the resulting commercial photographs speak eloquently to their brand and worked beautifully throughout their website.

An Epic Client Experience

And finally, we took a look at their client experience and communication: what were they sending out and when? What were they presenting when the homeowners moved in? Did they have proper follow-up? Did they have regular mailings? Did they have a postcard campaign? And more importantly, did these communications match the quality of their finished products?

The client experience is a vital step in any successful working relationship. For Compendium Group, we fine-tuned every step of the client communication process, from initial outreach to periodic follow-ups. We utilized brand guidelines to keep documents, messaging, and graphics fully on-brand and highly effective in the client journey process. One of the most successful branded materials we helped create was a “Housiversary” card that gets mailed to their clients on their first housiversary, commemorating the acquisition of their new home.

Overall Impact

Overall, Compendium Group knew that they had to expand their reach and diversify their clientele if they wanted to keep growing as leading home builders in the Indianapolis area. They needed to stand out and become a household name (no pun intended) within the community.

The process started with an extensive overhaul of their website, which we later complemented with a social media strategy, commercial photography, and updated client communications. By showcasing their talented team and company values they had already established, our cohesive brand transformation brought them to that next level.

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