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Your brand should position you as the go-to expert!

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself as an expert—the go-to entrepreneur in your field. But all of that time and effort falls short when your ideal client reaches your website or social media platforms because you haven’t quite figured out how to clearly convey your message.

You need a professional that knows how to sort through the overwhelm to strategically position you so that you can speak directly to your dream audience through your business aesthetics.

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“We’ve worked with White Ox Creative for several years and have always found their services to be a good value, professional and responsive! I’d highly recommend for web/design/social media services.”

Micah Hill, Compendium Group

“We’ve worked with White Ox Creative for several years and have always found their services to be a good value, professional and responsive! I’d highly recommend for web/design/social media services.”

Micah Hill, Compendium Group

About Glenda (That’s Me!)

  • PWhite Ox Creative Owner

    Female-owned and operated from day 1!

  • PWordPress Expert

    My all-time FAVORITE platform for building and maintaining websites.

  • PCommercial Photographer

    Branding, headshots, storefront, you name it! I love creating priceless stock for my clients.

  • PSocial Media Manager

    I have a true knack for relaying my client’s best messages through graphics and content on social.

  • PSerial Strategist

    Systems and strategy are some of my favorite nerdy conversations.

Eleven years ago, I took the ‘big leap’ from the predictable corporate world into small business ownership. At the time, my business ownership experience involved a lot of wild guesses, big misses, and major failures on my part. I tried to DIY my business branding, sold myself short more often than not, and never stopped to really think beyond the moment. I trucked along, blissfully ignorant of all the systems, processes, and insights it takes to grow a business—and then I hit a wall.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve pitted the same small business desires against an empty bank account. And I emerged on the other side victorious. Let’s talk about what I can help you with RIGHT NOW to get your business on the right track and make your next fiscal year the best yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does all of this work, exactly?

How long does a project take?

The whole process, from initial contact to completion, takes anywhere from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. I can generally estimate a project’s runway time based on the information I collect in our initial project questionnaires but it’s always good to leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected opportunity for enhancement here and there!

Do you build sites on Squarespace or Wix?

While the answer to this question used to be, ‘Sure, let’s explore all of the options!’ I’ve grown into a ‘less is more’ approach that enables me to deliver superior results to each of my clients by focusing my efforts on WordPress alone. I’m always happy to have a conversation about why I think WordPress is a good fit no matter what stage of your business you’re in. Wanna chat about it? Contact me!

Do you help with written content and imagery?

After you’ve submitted your project contract(s) and deposit, I will invite you to a Google Shared Drive where I’ve created suggested folders for you to upload your assets including existing logo files, graphic design assets, any documents you need your clients to access on your website, and images that you have a license to use. I will also put together a content development Google Doc where we can work collaboratively to round out your content and polish your message. I do ask my clients to come to our first discovery call with a solid outline of page content so that we can work expeditiously to fill in the blanks and iron out your brand message!

When do I pay for my project?

Most of my packages are 50% upon contract execution and 50% once the final project has been completed and approved. I do require payment in full before releasing access to your assets.

Do you only work with clients in Indiana?

Absolutely not! About 25% of my clients are from all over the United States. I LOVE learning about businesses in other areas of the country. Let’s chat about yours!

Ready to get started?

From one driven entrepreneur to another—you’ve got this! I can help!

When you’ve had enough of the never-ending ‘to do’ list, half-finished projects, and partially realized goals, let’s chat! I can take an objective look at everything you use to run your business and suggest a logical path through the overwhelm. Let’s move into this next phase of your business with clear objectives and a strategical plan to accomplish them!