Web Design + Project Clients

Office Hours, Etc.


Thank you so much for choosing me as your guide through your new web design project. I’m so excited to be working together and I’ve put together this quick list of important information so that you’ve got everything you need to make this project a success!

What You Can Expect Working With Me

My office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm, and I check my email twice a day. I often disconnect from technology so that I can devote my time and attention to the creative process for my clients.

The best way to communicate with me is through email, [email protected]Add something about phone calls?

Let clients know how to schedule calls with you.

What to Expect if the Scope of Your Project Increases

At this point we’ve reached a formal agreement about the items we’ll be accomplishing during the length of this project. If at any time requested work exceeds the initial scope of this project I will commmunicate with you about what we’re adding on and that work will incur my hourly rate ($xx).

How to Keep Your Project on Track

1. Carefully review the forthcoming timeline and ensure everything makes sense and you feel you have what you need to move forward.

2. Let me know ASAP if you are struggling to hire a photographer, copywriter, brand strategist or are generally having trouble gathering your content. If I’m unaware, I can’t fully support you.

3. Trust my process.I’ve been a professional web designer for ten years and I know what works to keep projects on time and on budget. If we work together I have no doubt we’ll do just that.

Graphic Design

Bookend your client/customer experience with on-brand assets, ready to deploy. Logo, brand board, business card, rack card, pitch deck, you name it!